Monday, June 23, 2014

WIN! A Night Out at NV-80.

I am a BIG fan of a night out, especially those that involve food. Although wait, I think all my night-outs involve food in some way or another, even if it's a mini pizza from Engen at 2am. But that's a story for another day. 

A couple of weeks back, I was invited by my friend Michelle to a new spot in Sea Point called NV-80. I first came across the the name on Twitter when they started following me. See, Social Media IS important. Then a friend asked me about it but I didn't know too much. And then the invitation arrived. I have absolutely no problem with trying out new restaurants so accepted and invited my friend Face (aka Lauren) to be my gurl date. 

NV-80 is located on the first floor of a new development in Sea Point called The Point. I know some of you hipsters would probably scowl at the idea of a restaurant in a "shopping centre" but as a V&A Frequent Flyer, I am accustomed to food destinations within retail spaces and the moment you cross the threshold, you've already forgotten that you're anywhere else but in a cosy, warmly-lit room for wining and dining. Yes, we all know Cape Town is overflowing with great restaurants so why NV-80? Because it is no exception. The ambience was great and our food was delicious. Simple.

On a quick décor note, I love their wall paper.

But about the night...

A group of us were invited to enjoy it together. That beaut of a blonde in the white shirt is Miss Bailey (@BaileySchneider).

That's my friend Face, with the face!

More faces: Karisa (@ctmylove), Leigh (@lipglossgirl) and Kayli (@KayliVee) in the background.

The owner gave me the low down on NV-80. He's a great host and incredibly passionate about the industry. 

Now let's talk food!

 My starters: A delicious goat's cheese and beetroot salad.

Mains... I love steak and I love wild mushrooms so this was a treat. I prefer my steak cooked medium to well (don't judge me!) and they got it spot on.

And my favourite course... Dessert. J'adore Crème brûlée.

As wonderful as my telling you all this is, for potential future reference of course, a far sweeter deal would be me giving you an opportunity to experience it on the house. That being said, I have a R500 NV-80 voucher to give away. 

To go into the draw, please can you visit their website, check out their menu and list in the comment section below one of the dishes you'd like to try.  It's only polite to follow them on Twitter too and if you tweet your answer (and include their Twitter handle), I'll double your chances. Spreading the word is sharing the love.

Note: Entries close at the end of this Sunday the 29th of June. 


  1. Hi Emma! Just checked out their menu and everything sounded drool worthy! I had to narrow it down and it took a few minutes to decide, but being from CT and being a sea-lover, in the end it was the Baby Kingklip with vegetables risotto that stole my heart!

    I am following them and have tweeted my answer. Holding thumbs that I'll be able to try them out for myself soon! :)

    1. Chelsea, congratulations! The voucher is yours. What is your email address?

    2. Hi Emma! Sorry only just seen this!
      I'm SO excited to go try out NV-80 - thank you so much again!
      My email is:

      Cannot wait!
      Take care :)

  2. I'd go for one of the steak options. They look YUM! Will follow and tweet now too :) Pick me, Pick me!!

  3. Hi Emma, I would definately choose their beef fillet steak!! I don't eat alot of red meat but when i do - i love good quality steak - and by the sounds of things this is the place to have it!

    Tweeted. check
    Followed. check

    Thank you :)

  4. Hi Emma
    I luuuurve springbok loin and I love pears- so that's a combo that's got me drooling.
    Shoot, I'm salivating already. Got a tissue?

  5. Hi Emma,

    Wow, ever since you all visited this has been on my must-visit list too!

    I'd order the Baby Kingklip with vegetables risotto - I don't seem to ever have fish at home and don't have the patience to make risotto myself so this sounds like the perfect meal out. (If I didn't order the steak that is!)

  6. There is only one thing you would want on that menu... skip all else and head for Chocolate Fondant with Armagnac Ice-Cream !!!

  7. Mmmmm so many choices....Roast Salmon with artichoke barigoule.

  8. Ooooh I definitely need to try that Sirloin on the bone! It must be delicious!

  9. Hello Emma ~

    After going through the menu, it's obvious to me that, being a risoto lover, I would choose the Baby Kingklip & Vegetable Risoto. I would also have a glass of red wine - maybe even two :)



  10. Hello there ��

    It seems you and I have a lot in common! I'd love to try their Rump steak with a wild mushroom sauce...and finishing it off with the incredible Creme Brûlée �� and of course a glass or two of red wine!

    Dani �� x

  11. So many delightful dishes on the menu, making a decision is no small task! and means this restaurant would have to be visited more than once to give everything a try...

    But first choice would have to be the Springbok loin and macerated pear with a glass (or bottle) of the Tokara Cabernet Sauvignon!

    NV-80 looks absolutely divine!


  12. Sirloin on the bone without a doubt. It looks and sounds delicious. I have only heard good reviews and now that I've moved literally within walking distance it would be a treat to win this voucher. And I've got my answer in just in time.

    Followed and tweeted :)

  13. The West Coast Lobster looks like a real treat!! Can't wait to try it out!